Below is a small selection of classic and exotic responsibly sourced woods. These kiln-dried woods can be used unfinished, oiled, brush oiled, lacquered, fumed or double fumed to create an intensity of colours and effects (see Finishes for more details).



  • Oak - one of the most popular choices and a native timber.  It is versatile and tough with an attractive grain and yellowish brown in colour.  Very adaptable to stains and finishes.
  • Walnut
  • Maple - is exceptionally tough and durable with a distinctive dense grain and a honey colouring as it ages.  Grading is a key factor in choosing a Maple.  Bird Eye Maple has an unusual grain pattern and can be highly decorative.
  • Ash - a lively, vibrant stable hard wood well-suited to staining and finishing.  Colours range from a light reddish hues to a greyish tint - has similar hardwood qualities to oak.
  • Beech - a native of Britain is a strong, durable pale hard wood with a lighly marked surface and is available in a variety of shades and tones.
  • Pine - although not generally a hardwood, reclaimed heartwood pine is harder and tends to suit older properties.


  • Jatoba
  • Massaranduba
  • Morado
  • Bamboo
  • Wenge
  • Teak


Wood Grades

Wood is graded according to the colour variation, knot and grain patterns with prices varying greatly between Grade 1 and Grade 3. The grading system was created in the US by the Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association (NOFMA) to describe and regulate the appearance, colour, grain, and markings but there are no British Standards or industry standards for wood floor grades so it is important to check what is included or excluded in each case. Grades are also species specific, for instance, Prime or Select Oak may not contain any knots but top grade Ash or Walnut quite possibly would.


Grade 1 - Prime/Select

This is the highest grade of wood planks with a straight grain, uniform colour and very few character marks or knots creating a visually consistent, elegant appearance.


Grade 2 - Natural/Harmony

This middle grade timber may display a few smaller knots, some colour or texture variations and a slightly more visible grain pattern to create a stronger character.


Grade 3 - Rustic/Variation/Character

A vibrant grade with unlimited colour variation and knot size with a strong character producing good value for money without compromising on quality, wear or stability.


An example of double fumed wooden flooring

Wood Effects

Techniques such as fired, smoked, fumed or double fumed can create beautiful bespoke woods. These ancient skills from a bygone age can transform oak to create a depth of character and ambience to any room.


Single fuming develops warm, pale hues whereas double fuming, which takes time, produces an antique, darker or aged feel. Fired oak generates a very dark, almost black tone which travels the entire depth of the plank.


These treatments to oak planks have a choice of finishes available which can enhance the appearance and atmosphere of any room.

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