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Colours & Finishes


There are two ways of protecting your wooden floor against moisture, spillages and dirt - oil & waxes or lacquers. The benefits of oil waxes is that it gives the flooring a warmth with a natural silky smooth finish and natural appearance. The floors look better and better over time and age gracefully. The benefits of lacquers are that they are maintenance free.


Oil & Waxes

Oil waxes protect the floor in two ways, the oil is absorbed into the pores of the wood giving an internal protection which stops, dirt embedding itself and also forms a surface layer that creates a resistant coating which protects against spillages, water and moisture. Wooden Floors will need to be replenished annually with a complete clean, buff and re-oil every couple of years. The oils and waxes are available in clear, or forty four colours in a matt or satin finish.



Lacquers (varnishes) form a protective layer over the surface of the wood which repels water, moisture, spillages and dirt. The lacquer is built up three to five layers and take between five and ten years to wear down at which point they will need to be sanded and re-lacquered.


Oiled Finishes

Natural Oil Walnut
Oak - Raw Oil
Oak - Brushed & UV Oil
Hard Wax Oil

Lacquered Finishes

Oak - Satin Lacquer
Oak - Brushed and Matt Lacquer
Pine - Matt Lacquer

Brushed & Oiled

The surface of the wooden floor is lightly brushed to remove the softer surface grain, highlighting the grain pattern. The oil is absorbed through the pores in the wood with the wax component creating a resistant coat on the surface.


Textured Lacquers

There are a number of textured lacquers which tone the wood which go by the following names: Toffee, Fudge, Mocha, Mocha Worn, Honey and Toffee Antique. These effects are achieved in a similar way to brushed & oiled technique in that the surface is filled, sanded and then brushed to remove the soft grain from the face of the boards and the dye is applied so the natural grain is visible, not buried under the colour. Approximately six coats are applied for normal traffic and up to twelve for heavy traffic areas.


Wood Stains

Spirit based stains provide excellent grain definition and depth of colour. There is a wide colour choice ranging from Black, Violet Red, Brown, Light & Dark Blue, Plum, various shades of mahogany, Rosewood, light, medium or dark oak, Jacobean, Teak, various shades of Pine, Walnut, Yew and Antique Yew. A bespoke colour matching service is also available.

A Sample of Wood Stain Colour Options

Stripped Pine Stain
Golden Oak Stain
Medium Oak Stain
Dark Oak Stain
Jacobean Stain
Teak Stain
New Rosewood Stain
Black Stain

Examples of Colour Washes, Oils and Stains

A Lime Wash Effect
A Whitewashed Pine
A Light Teak Wash Effect
A Teak Wash
A Chestnut Coloured Oil
A Dark Oak Coloured Oil
A Dark Oak Spirit Based Stain
A Teak Stained Wood


Skirting Boards & Beading

When you choose a wooden floor, you will need to decide whether or not to remove and refit or replace your existing skirting boards. There are various options available to you but your new wooden floor will need an expansion gap to allow for movement of the wood as wood is a living material. Wooden floors are affected by moisture and humidity.


If you choose to leave your existing skirting board in place then you will find a gap at the skirting board edge which would need to be covered. There are various profiles depending on your choice of look and the situation, e.g. original ornate Victorian skirting, with the main choices being a capping piece, quadrant or scotia beading. We have illustrated the options below :


Capping Piece Quadrant Scotia Beading


The removal of the skirting board means that the wood can be fitted to the edge of the walls and then the new matching wood skirting board is fitted, or the original skirting board is refitted, the gap is hidden with no additional beading required as illustrated below :


Solid Oak Skirting Bamboo Floor and Skirting Recliamed Pine Floor and Skirting Board


Wooden skirting boards are available to match most types of wooden flooring.

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